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17.07.2012 Route Gadget

You can instert your routes, and compare it with other competitors on Route Gadget site.
Choose the race on http://www.obpostupy.cz .- MK -

17.07.2012 First photos from the competition

First photos form the event (1st and 3rd stage] to be found here, more to follow soon.- JJ -

17.07.2012 20th edition of HSH Vysočina ahead

19th edition of HSH Vysočina Cup is behind us. I would like to thank on behalf of orienteering club SK Chrast to all competitors for their participation. We are glad that you are coming to our competition and we will soon start with the preparation of 20th edition of HSH Vysocina Cup, that will be held close to pond Sykovec in village Tři Studně - map.

Petr Martinec,
the director of HSH Vysocina Cup
- JJ -

15.07.2012 Final results of HSH Vysocina Cup 2012

Complete results of HSH Vysočina Cup to be found in its section - results .- JJ -

14.07.2012 Results of the 1st stage

1st stage is behind us, the results are to be found here.- JJ -

12.07.2012 Starts lists

We have released starts lists.- MK -

11.07.2012 More detailed information

We have released more detailed information about the race in PDF format.- MK -

10.07.2012 breakfast in the competition center

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, it will be possible to buy fresh bread (rolls) and pastries (pie, donuts) in the competition center. Tea and coffee will also be available.- JJ -

10.07.2012 center of the competition on the map

If you don´t know how to get to this year´s edition of HSH Vysočina Cup, check the map. GPS coordinates are N 49° 33.52943', E 15° 25.37802'.- JJ -

10.07.2012 competition center

plan of the competition center and camp - JJ -

10.07.2012 Parameters of courses

Parameters of competition courses are to be found here (délka=length, převýšení=equidistance). - JJ -

30.06.2012 O-maps are finished

On Friday mapmaker Petr Mareček ( O-mapy.cz ) finished his work and maps (Orlík 1:10 000, Panský les 1:15 000) are ready for print (offset print CMYK + B).- JJ -

14.05.2012 brewery Bernard partner of HSH Vysočina Cup 2012

Family brewery BERNARD has become the beer partner of HSH Vysočina Cup 2012. Traditional beer relay competition (3 runners in each team) held on Saturday afternoon will be supplied by this partner, arrange your club nomination races and get ready for BERNARD Beer relay !- JJ -

29.03.2012 Pictures from forest

- PM -

29.03.2012 Maps snapshots

- PM -

11.01.2012 HSH Vysočina 2012 - welcome to the website

Welcome to the website of HSH Vysocina Cup 2012, multiday orienteering competition that will be held from July 13 to 15 (12.7. accompanying night race) in forest Orlovské lesy (village Leština) between cities Havlíčkův Brod and Humpolec (106 km from Prague).

Information about terrain of the race, application and schedule follow in
information in English.

19th edition of HSH Vysocina Cup is organized as each year by the orienteering club SK OOB Chrast - www.obchrast.com

You can as well visit website of previous edition of HSH Vysočina Cup - 2011. - JJ -