H.S.H. Vysočina cup (Čachnov) EN

21.07.2011 Foto from HSH Vysocina cup 2011

Follow this link http://dolma.rajce.idnes.cz/ to see foto from HSH Vysocina cup 2011. You can see images made by Lubomír Tomeček on his blog too.- PM -

18.07.2011 Next HSH Vysočina Cup

We would like to thank all the runners for their participation and we hope you enjoyed your O-stay in the Czech - Moravian Highlands. Next year, HSH Vysočina Cup will be held in similar date in the forest of Czech Night Orienteering Championship 2010 and surrounding - in the area Orlovské lesy (forest of Orlovy) {49°34 14.716"N, 15°25 14.426"E).- JJ -

17.07.2011 results

Results of each stage are to be found here.- JJ -

13.07.2011 Information for the night race

Information for the night race here.- JJ -

13.07.2011 Online results in competition center

Do not forget your smartphones and tablets. You can use wi-fi in competition center to check results.- PM -

11.07.2011 Length of night race

The program of HSH Vysočina Cup starts on Thursday by accompanying night race, the length of the course for each category is following:

  • H14- 2,7km- 6 kontrol,, D14- 2,7km- 6 kontrol

  • H16- 5,1km- 12 kontrol,, D16- 4,8km- 9 kontrol

  • H18- 6 km- 9 kontrol,, D18- 4,8km- 9 kontrol

  • H21- 9 km- 15 kontrol,, D21- 6,3km- 10 kontrol

  • H35- 6,3km- 11 kontrol,, D35- 4,8km- 9 kontrol

  • H45- 5,2km- 9 kontrol,, D45- 3,5km- 7 kontrol

  • P1- 3,1km- 9kontrol,, P2- 5km- 9 kontrol

- JJ -

02.07.2011 What can you expect in HSH Vysocina cup s forest

See photogalery of actual pictures. - PM -

27.06.2011 win the "Beermanentka card"

After the first stage on Friday, the accompanying running race will be held. Short running circuits, several rounds, the first runners to arrive will take prices for the race - Beermanentka card (drinking card for beers or cola). The prizes are supplied by the partner of HSH Vysočina Cup - brewery Chotěboř.

You can apply for the race (no starting fee) before E1 stage at the competition office. More info later..- JJ -

20.06.2011 E2 map scale change

Categories H18, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35B, H35C, D21E, D21A, D21B use only map Hřivnáč (1:15000, ekv. 5 m, summer 2010). Others use map Šenflok (1:10000, ekv. 5 m, summer 2011). This change was made for better orienteering experience.- PM -

19.06.2011 accomodation - other possibilities

Except of sleeping in the tent or in your van at the competition center, you can use various accomodation within the region :

  • region Hlinecko - accomodation

  • town Svratka - accomodation

  • village Borová u Poličky - accomodation

  • town Polička - accomodation

  • - JJ -

    19.06.2011 "Brewery Chotěboř" beer relay

    Thanks to our partner, brewery Chotěboř, traditional beer relay race will be held on Saturday afternoon. The applications of teams consisting of 3 runners will be accepted at the competition office.- JJ -

    04.06.2011 applications for HSH Vysocina Cup have started

    On 1st June we have started accepting applications of Czech runners. For foreigners, the easiest way to apply is through email prihlasky@obchrast.com. For more info about the details of each application, see the detailed information.- JJ -

    10.04.2011 HSH Vysočina cup 2011 - 18th volume, 14.7. - 17.7.2011, Čachnov, Czech Republic

    18th volume of traditional international three-day orienteering competition "H.S.H Vysočina cup" takes place in Čachnov (49°44’38.118’’N, 16°4’16.418’ ’E, Bohemian- Moravian Highlands) from 15th to 17th July. On July 14th, accompanying night orienteering race is scheduled. The invitation with detailed information is ready. The organizers from the O-club SK Chrast are looking forward to your participation.- PM -