H.S.H Vysočina cup 2015 (Milovy) in English

30.06.2015 H.S.H. Vysočina Cup will be backed by the councillor of region Vysočina

The councillor of region Vysočina for areas education, youth and sport Ing. Jana Fialová appreciated a long work of organizers and will assume patronage of current year edition of H.S.H. Vysočina Cup.
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30.06.2015 pictures from the competition area

In the heart of mountains Žďárské Vrchy, you can expect very specific terrains with demanding surface. Peaks of the cliffs Dráteníky and Malinské skály, rippling creeks between boulders, ameliorative grooves dewatering marshy areas, spruce thickets and predominately coniferous forest with blueberries under the legs.

Petr Mareček

main map maker

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15.05.2015 Invitation

Invitation was published in appropriate web section.

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